Helping couples in their 50’s and 60’s retire with confidence for over 35 years

Geiger Wealth is a Chicago based, independent, Registered Investment Advisory firm. We specialize in creating retirement plans for couples who are close to retirement age.

Our planning process focuses on structuring and optimizing their portfolio to help clients achieve the lifestyle they want during the 20-30 years of their retirement.

Our objective is to help them to create portfolios that are as bulletproof as humanly possible so that when the next big market downturn comes they can sleep at night knowing they don’t need to worry. 


Founder and CEO

Bill has over 40 years of investment experience. He spent more than a quarter of a century in and around Washington, DC. where he earned degrees in Macroeconomics and Finance and learned how changes in the US Government’s Fiscal and Monetary Policy affect the economy, affect investor psychology and affect the markets. He learned first-hand, in real-time, how changes in governmental policies can dramatically affect both the economy and the markets. He learned how to use this knowledge to protect client portfolios from large losses while at the same time making outsized returns in both bull and bear markets.

He founded Geiger Wealth in 1995 to help couples who were approaching retirement create a portfolio that’s as “bulletproof” as possible. So they can retire with confidence, knowing that they have a plan to help them pay the bills, maintain or improve their lifestyle, and leave a legacy for their family.

Bill and his wife Maytte share their time between Chicago and South Florida and are working extremely hard at spoiling their 6 year old granddaughter. 


Widely-recognized in the Chicago area, Bill has appeared weekly on Chicago’s WGN, WBBM, WLS, WIND and CBS2. His thoughts on investing have appeared in Fortune, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and other national print media. He is currently working on his upcoming book, “A Not-So-Random Walk Down Wall Street”. 

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