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Our planning process focuses on structuring and optimizing their portfolio to help clients achieve the lifestyle they want during the 20-30 years of their retirement.

Our objective is to help them to create portfolios that are as bulletproof as humanly possible so that when the next big market downturn comes they can sleep at night knowing they don’t need to worry. 

Your free, no-obligation portfolio review will give you a better understanding of how your portfolio is really performing and whether you’re in a position to retire comfortably when the time comes.

Retirement options are no longer as simple as they used to be. Many staples of the past such as social security, bonds, and mutual funds are no longer a reliable way to prepare for retirement.

The rules have changed and it’s vital that you create a plan with experts who understand the best way to optimize your portfolio when you’re close to retirement.

At Geiger Wealth we strive to provide our clients with a retirement roadmap that creates a “bulletproof” portfolio, taking into account your unique circumstances.

So you have peace of mind, knowing your retirement portfolio prioritizes wealth preservation while also striving for the best performance possible.