Retirement is 20 to 30 years of unemployment… you need a plan and a partner to help you prepare

Our process walks you through every step of preparing your portfolio to comfortably support you during that time, so when you’re ready you can retire with confidence

At Geiger Wealth we focus on four key goals for your retirement plan

Creating a plan and portfolio that’s as bulletproof as humanly possible by taking into account your current circumstances and your needs after retirement.

Protecting what you’ve already saved. At this time in your life, big losses can irrevocably affect your quality of life in retirement so we carefully manage risk.

Building a plan that strives to give you more dependable and sustainable income each month than you actually need. So you can be prepared for the unexpected in retirement.

Minimizing the taxes you need to pay and simplifying your life so you can retire with peace of mind and a detailed understanding of your financial situation.


your needs

The first step in our retirement planning process is to deeply understand your needs now and in retirement.

We’ll also discuss what a pre-retirement portfolio should look like and why so you’re prepared for challenges or unexpected events:

The second step in our process is analyzing your current portfolio so we can uncover its strengths and weaknesses:


Analyzing your
current portfolio


Creating your

The third step in our process is creating your retirement roadmap so you know exactly what you should be doing now to prepare for the kind of retirement you want.

We’ll discuss how to:

The fourth step in our process is implementing your new plan and optimizing it over time.

We’ll take the following steps:


and optimizing
your new retirement plan